Angelica and Zilton Neves are a couple who, after having travelled extensively throughout the world, decided to anchor themselves in Portugal. Since June 2017, Angelica managed a small apartment near the beach in Parede, where they welcomed guests from all over the world. The experience was eye opening and very rewarding, and opened the door to new opportunities in the hotelier experience.

Angelica is a fine artist as well as a teacher of Portuguese and English, who is interested in all organic and natural foods that improve the quality of life. She has also begun her studies as a Naturopath, and with renewed health and strength has closed the initial project of the apartment in Parede, and moved onto a bigger, a more inviting location. Her guest house, called “Paradise Suites”, will not only offer her guests one of 5 totally renovated and beautifully-decorated suites, but will also offer breakfast, and what Angelica likes to refer to as Experiences.

At Paradise Suites, you can learn to how to cook more balanced meals and to make Oriental Art.  Angelica has a specialisation, as well as the privilege, certification, and permission to use the name of the school of her Korean Art Master Mr. Park Ung, of the city of Busan, in South Korea.

There will also be the opportunity, during spring and summer, to have yoga classes and chiropractic adjustments
In the spring we will began work on an organic garden that will allow for the growth of various herbs and vegetables, to be used not only for the preparation of the breakfasts, but also during the cooking workshops.

All of these experiences (Portuguese/English classes, Oriental Painting, workshops about healthy cooking, Yoga and few other activities)  can be joined by our guests upon pre-booking as the dates will be posted in advance. 

We speak Portuguese, English and some Italian